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Smoke Yoga Capris

Image of Smoke Yoga Capris

These smokin' hot leggings are perfect for the Pitta yogini, with smoke rising up from the ground as you ignite your inner fire! These yoga leggings are made out of the same durable, stretchy, and comfortable fabric as our yoga shorts and sports bras. They move & stretch with you without being see-through.

82% polyester/18% spandex
Made with a smooth and comfortable micro-fiber yarn
Raised waistband

X-Small: 25 ¼" Waist, 35 ⅜" Hips
Small: 26 ¾" Waist, 37" Hips
Medium: 28 ⅜" Waist, 38 ⅝" Hips
Large: 31 ½" Waist, 41 ¾" Hips
X-Large: 34 ⅝" Waist, 44 ⅞" Hips
Hand sewn